10 Tips To Increase Sponsorship At Your Club
Sponsorship is a lifeline for community sport, and a key source of funds for updated equipment, facilities and team uniforms 
In this document we demonstrate our key tips for increasing sponsorship at your sports club. 

1. Create a professional, individually tailored sponsorship package 

Allocate time and resources to prepare a polished and succinct sponsorship proposal document. 

2. Start local

Tell your local businesses about your club size and the benefits from sponsoring your club. 

3. Invite all club members to be involved

Send an outreach email to your club community and ask them for help. Do they work for, or know of, a business that could sponsor the club? 

4. Show appreciation to club members who onboard new sponsors

Entice members to actively seek sponsors within their personal networks. Offer a discount on club membership or free club merchandise for attracting new sponsors. 

5. Keep it simple and honest

Clearly outline what the money will be used for and how you will promote the sponsor.

6. Prioritise retention 

Don't take your current sponsors for granted. Ask them what else they want from the sponsorship and build this into their package.

7. Plan early 

It takes time to build relationships. Approach sponsors during the season when they can see the club in action and invite them to participate. 

8. Propose a long-term agreement 

A long-term deal is more cost-effective for a sponsor (and more time efficient for your club). 

9. Offer exclusivity and naming rights on all facilities and programs 

What else can be included in a sponsorship proposal? (e.g., field naming, tournaments, fencing). 

10. Develop a designated sub-committee 

Do not leave it all to one person. Create a sub-committee and split the work based on team skills, interests and availability.