4 Tips To Choose A Great Sports Jersey Design

Sports jerseys are the symbol of a team and their supporters unite with feelings of loyalty and belonging when they wear them.

Designs have evolved significantly with fashion changes and performance innovations over the years. From v-necks to polo collars, it seems that almost every trend has been tried at least once. Sports jerseys are also a way for clubs to generate additional revenue, either from sales or by advertising sponsorships.

When choosing a design for your team or corporate sponsors, there are several factors that need to be considered before making an informed decision. Getting it right takes careful thought and deliberation, but will pay off with great dividends.

To help your decision, KPI Sports has put together our top tips to choose a great sports jersey design:

Keep It Simple

The key to a winning jersey design is keeping it simple. Most sports teams jersey designs will include colours and patterns, names and numbers. The design you pick will make you stand out but you don't want it to be for the wrong reasons. Opt for a design that features a classic shape like stripes or arrows as the main feature and steer clear of extremely busy designs.

Multiple Colours Are Confusing

Simplicity goes for colour as well. Naturally, all jerseys are designed in different colour combinations, but you should avoid wearing more than three colours on your jersey. Multiple colours can be confusing, distract players and be a turnoff for supporters. If you look at most professional sports clubs, you can see they keep the colours simple and focus on making their designs unique.

Opt For A Premium Fit

To stay at the top of your game, you need to wear jerseys that are tailored to fit. Sports Jerseys from a premium brand will have an advanced cut that increases flexibility. They will also be constructed with high-quality fabrics and will breathe easily so that you stay comfortable from training to game day.

Sports jerseys need to be comfortable and fans are passionate about the way their jersey looks on them. Sports jerseys should fit right across the shoulders, with a snug chest for women's sports jerseys or cut to flatter male physiques. Sports jerseys should also have an appropriate length to them so that they don't get in the way when you are running, kicking and heading.

Stick To A Design

Changing jersey design repeatedly will diminish its symbolism for your team and it can also look unprofessional. Whilst minor updates are fine, reinventing your uniform again and again can be difficult to keep supporters onboard.

Don't forget that one of the biggest reasons people are passionate about sports jerseys is because they have a sense of identity for the team. Sports jersey design may also be closely connected to your marketing strategy so changing it could damage the original plan, especially if you are looking to make an impact on social media.

So in the initial stage, work through your committee to decide on the best and final design that will carry you into the foreseeable future.

Create A Timeless Sports Jersey Design With KPI Sports

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