Business Benefits Of A Custom Uniform

Custom uniforms are one of the easiest ways to boost a team’s confidence and attitude. Whether your workplace is looking to increase brand awareness, run a sports team for health and wellbeing or hold team building events, custom team uniforms can help boost self-esteem, team morale and brand awareness. 

Build a corporate identity

When fitting your work team with custom uniforms you’re offering them a strong identity and connection to the company, as well as pride in where they work. Custom uniforms can be fully tailored to your brand, offering a professional appearance for employees while also promoting your business. When it comes to the uniforms and workwear your employees wear in and outside the office, set yourself high standards.

Having your company logo and branding displayed clearly on uniforms will help your customers distinguish and recognise your staff. A consistent standard for business attire within a corporation increases productivity because the uniform imparts a professional mindset in workers. It is an effective psychological effect that help staff feel as if they are the face of the brand.

A study into the marketing benefits of uniforms found that building your customer’s brand knowledge through uniforms can assist companies to develop a positive brand outlook which can, in return, boost sales. One study reported over 73% of respondents believed that uniforms are better than billboard, radio and TV advertising for marketing effectiveness.

A sense of belonging

Provide your team with quality custom workwear to not only assist in marketing your business, but also to show your employees you’re noticing how hard they work, and you’re invested in them.

Job satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business, and a key contributing factor to this is when your staff feel like they are part of a team. Wearing the same uniform puts everyone on a level playing field, so no matter their seniority or position in the company, everyone is valued and operates as part of the same team.

Your employees won’t just look good in their new personalized custom work uniforms but will also become more cohesive as a unit. The unifying force of wearing a shared colour and logo helps in the development of strong brand identity and the feeling of camaraderie among team members.

Professional and practical

Only one in ten employees wear a suit to work with companies now opting to make the transition over to more relaxed forms of branded workwear. With the shift towards increasing smart casual dress codes around offices and other workplaces, many organisations are using this trend to promote their business through their greatest assets, employees.

Team uniforms have come a long way from stiff polo shirts and embroidered logos. There are so many varied options, from fully customised sports style tee shirts, light weight polo shirts and customised team jackets. These options can incorporate full company branding and are the preference for many teams uniforms and work events. 

Why KPI Sports?

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