Caring For Your Netballs

Ensure you reach maximum performance and longevity of your KPI Netballs. Read our list of netball care tips for the best ball maintenance and durability advice.

Inflation and Air Pressure

KPI Sports netballs meet International Netball Federation specifications. Our netballs are designed for superior grip and are made from natural and synthetic rubbers for maximum bounce and ball control.

KPI Netballs should be inflated to 55-64kPa of pressure or as marked on individual balls. This is the optimum level of inflation for optimal game day performance. Over inflation is the most common source of issues and risks damaging the ball through tearing stitching and loss of shape. We suggest checking the air pressure every time you use a KPI Netball before competition and training. Make sure to moisten the needle before inflation using glycerol/glycerin. 

Ball Use

Putting body weight on a ball will cause the netball to lose shape very quickly. Do not stand or sit on netballs.

It is important to limit ball use on unnecessarily rough surfaces (e.g., roads) as this will significantly impact wearing of your netballs. Ball life will be optimized when the netballs are used on netball courts only. 

Cleaning Your Netballs

KPI Netballs can be washed with a sponge and warm soapy water as required. After cleaning, be sure to completely remove any excess soap and towel dry the ball. Leave the ball to fully dry in a well-ventilated place out of the sun.

Never leave your balls exposed to high temperatures or humidity for extended periods. Exposure to excessive heat and humidity will damage the carcass. This includes storage in cars! Leaving netballs inside cars on hot and or sunny days for long periods will reduce the lifespan of your balls.

Storage Tips

After you have finished using your netballs, it is important to continue to care for your balls to ensure performance is not compromised. This means storing your balls in a cool and dry environment. We suggest storing your netballs in a clean storage shed or inside the uniform shop to avoid damage.


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