Club Fundraising: Grow Revenue with Club Training Jerseys

Has your club introduced a Training Jerseys to generate new sponsorship income? Introducing a compulsory Training Jersey is a simple way to create new sponsorship income, build the club’s brand and the professional image of your club. In this article we explain some simple strategies to build sponsorships from Custom Club Training Jerseys.

Adding a compulsory Club Training Jerseys is an important strategy for clubs wanting to build a professional image and strong club identity. Many clubs will use an in-stock shirt for Club Training Jerseys with heat-sealed club logo. This looks great and ensures each player is contributing towards the consistency of your branding. The downside of stock jerseys is adding sponsor logos can be costly, time consuming and sometimes uncomfortable on the shirt. 

A custom sublimated jersey is a fantastic alternative which football clubs should be using more. Custom Training Jerseys can be designed to tie in with your club’s playing uniform, colours and other unique branding. Just as important, custom sublimated jerseys allow you to add multiple sponsor logos to generate new income for the club. Sponsor logos can be added to sublimated jerseys for no additional cost to the club. 

Depending on how you structure the sponsorship, custom training jerseys can be a way to attract sponsors that might only want to contribute a small amount to the club or are trialling sports sponsorship for the first time. Use this as a way for them to develop a profile and connection with your football club community and build funding future years.


Tips on Running a Sponsorship Campaign

  • Create a sponsorship target. Make sure it is an achievable goal, so the project is a success. Try to break your target down into different levels (e.g., Bronze/Silver/Gold depending on what “positions” the logo has on the jersey).
  • Create a Sponsorship Proposal that outlines the benefits and investment levels available to local businesses.
  • Find contact details for at least 20 local businesses. If you don’t have an existing database of contacts, send a club community email (e.g., “Calling all business owners involved in the [Your Football Club]! Become a part of our Business Community! Please send your contact details to [Email Address] to be part of our club family and access promotional opportunities”)
  • Email the Sponsorship Proposal to these contacts. Personalise each email and avoid sending mass generic messages. Add some explanatory text in the cover of each email. For new contacts, thank them for joining your community. For current or past sponsors, thank them for their past/current support. Present this new opportunity as early/priority access
  • Follow up with a phone call. Did they receive your email? Discuss the main benefits with them. Directly ask if they would like to support the club. Mention how the club will be supporting sponsors.
  • Send an email of thanks. For those agreeing to sponsor, ask for the logo files they want to put on the uniform garment. Include the invoice for sponsorship and confirm the dates for their social media promotions. For those who have declined, thank them for their time and ask permission to contact them next time there is a sponsorship opportunity
  • Provide extra value. When entering a sponsorship deal with a local business, make sure the sponsor is acknowledged in all marketing and communication material.

For more tips on attracting and retaining sponsors, read our article here. After more fundraising tips? Read our article Fundraising Tips From An Expert


About Custom Training Jerseys

Custom Training Jerseys are created in a process called sublimation. That means the design, colour and patterns are uniquely yours. At KPI Sports, our Custom Football Jerseys are made-to-order and designed to match the colour and patterns of your club uniforms.

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