About Custom Club Netballs

Custom Netballs are a high quality match grade ball that are available to clubs to customise and make their own. The customisation available includes adding club colours, club logo and text and sponsor logos. 

The Balls

KPI Custom Netballs are manufactured to Australian standards for match grade balls, with the same quality and specifications as the KPI Flight Match Netballs.  The design provides significant space for adding customization, including club and sponsor logos. Custom Netballs are a versatile and durable match ball that is perfect in all weather conditions. With a rubber composition and raised pimple grip for optimal hold, these are a must have item for every netball club. 


  • Build branding and pride in your club! Your players and supporters want to connect with the club and feel part of a community. Connect to your members by having a distinct Club Ball that sets your club apart.
  • Never lose a ball again! When your balls are clearly identified you no longer need to worry about opposing teams accidentally taking the wrong one’s home
  • A unique and memorable gift. Replace end of year trophies with something your players will use, or set aside as a special gift for the top teams at the end of the year.
  • Fundraise for the club: turn the annual Club Ball purchase into a new way to raise funds. This is an important opportunity that is easy to put into practice. Read our article on Custom Netballs Fundraising Tips here.


Choose from one of our templates, send your logos, colours and any text you would like to add, and our design team will do the rest. The design templates are structured to maximise space on the ball for club and sponsor logos, while still having distinctive colours to make the balls clearly recognizable as your unique Club Ball. 

Ordering Information

Custom Club Netballs are ordered in advance of the season start. Place your order by the end of September 2021 for delivery in January or February in time for the start of the 2022 season. Custom Netballs require a minimum order quantities of 50 balls per size and suit clubs with a player base of at least 100 members. For smaller clubs, we recommend selecting from our range of quality training and match netballs here