FAQ for Gorilla Sports Customers

On 14 September 2020 the Gorilla Sports brand will change to KPI Sports. The official launch of KPI Sports represents an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the Gorilla Sports business, with the Gorilla Sports brand being phased out over coming months.  These are exciting changes which we are looking forward to discussing with all of our existing customers.  If you have any questions about the rebrand, please get in touch with us.  We've also provided some answers to frequently asked questions below. 

Q What is changing?
We are changing our brand from Gorilla Sports to KPI Sports. The change comes after 2 years of market research and feedback from our customers and broader community. We have spent the last 2 years investing in developing the business, introducing new products and building new skills in our team.

Q What does KPI mean?
KPI stands for Knowledge, Performance and Innovation. It describes the objectives for our new brand, KPI Sports, which is focused on continuous improvement. With the launch of KPI we will be introducing new products and developing new options for our customers.  We will keep the same core quality and service values, but with a new focus on product and service innovation.

Q Will your products be different?
There will be some minor changes to our core range, but the quality and reliability of our product will remain the same. Your club colours will not change. You will be able to match the Gorilla jerseys and shorts with the KPI jerseys and shorts. We have made sure that clubs that purchase Gorilla stock will be able to transition easily into the KPI range.

Some changes have been made to improve the design or performance of our products. We will be introducing new products and fabric options which will focus on the performance range sports apparel. Our commitment to existing customers is to continue to provide high quality, reliable products with new options and technical specifications.

Q Will your prices go up?
Our Club pricing for 2021 will not change for existing customers. Any partnership or sponsorship agreements will remain in place.

Q What else is changing?
The look and feel of our brand will be different from the Gorilla Sports. Our marketing and branding will change, and we have launched a new website. We’ll be replacing fence signs for clubs with sponsorship agreements, as well as providing new logos for your websites.

Q Are you using different factories?
No, our factories remain the same for our core products and we have been working with our factories on product development. For some of our new products, we have developed new relationships with specialist suppliers.

Q Will my account manager change?
No, our team remains the same, although we do have some new team members in production and support who have been busy working on new products and design.

Q Will you still have Gorilla products? Will they be discounted?
We still have significant stock in many key product lines, such as jerseys, shorts and socks. These will be sold at reduced prices and will not be replenished. However. the new KPI stock will align to the colours and styles of the key Gorilla Sports product lines. Discounted prices are available on our website however we will be offering special pricing for clubs that are interested in purchasing larger quantities. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss in more detail.