Partnership Announcement: Samford Rangers Football Club

Samford Rangers Football Club has agreed to extend its partnership with KPI Sports. For the next three seasons, KPI Sports will be creating new teamwear and merchandise for Samford Rangers, including the highly anticipated commemorative kit to celebrate their 50-year anniversary in 2023.

Samford Rangers Football Club (SRFC) boasts one of the largest player bases in the Greater Brisbane region, with over 800 registered players across more than 50 competitive and social teams. Based in the stunning Samford Valley, SRFC values community and sportsmanship, catering for all age and skill levels.

In 2020, SRFC was promoted to the Football Queensland Premier League 2 (FQPL2) division, the fourth highest tier of football in Australia. SRFC has performed consistently in the FQPL2 competition, which is a credit to their player progression philosophy. As a member of the Football Queensland Academy (FQA) initiative, SRFC understands the importance of junior player development and endeavour to integrate their effective coaching strategies across all competition levels.

While success is often measured by trophies, SRFC value their impact on club members and the wider Samford community. A key objective for SRFC embodies improving engagement and collaboration to ensure their delivery of community needs. Families and volunteers are attracted to these SRFC values which has been built on community respect and player development. The ‘Volunteer Reward Program’ ensures all dedicated individuals are recognised for their commitment, highlighting SRFC’s devotion to reward significant contributions from club members.

In 2023 SRFC will be celebrating its 50th anniversary by playing in a commemorative “retro-style” kit as a memento to their club beginnings. KPI Sports is thoroughly looking forward to seeing this fantastic heritage kit come to life and continuing to work with the SRFC committee for a successful year of football.

About Samford Rangers Football Club: Samford Rangers Football Club is an Australian football club based in the Samford Valley region. Formed in 1973, the club is celebrating their 50th year of operation and look to form a competitive outfit in the FQPL2 game. For more visit:

About KPI Sports: KPI Sports is an Australian-owned sporting brand with more than 20 years’ experience supplying custom sportswear, custom uniforms, equipment and accessories. KPI Sports specialises in supplying professional and community football clubs and associations with high-quality customised football uniforms including jerseys, shorts and socks. For our full football kit range visit: