Club Fundraising: Grow Revenue with Training Singlets

Does your club need extra funding? Creating new income streams from merchandise sales and sponsorship is a simple strategy that many clubs benefit from.  In this article we explain how Training Singlets can be used to generate extra income for your netball club, and we provide some easy-to-use tools to get started.

Custom Training Singlets are a popular uniform add-on for many netball clubs. Designed to match the club uniform, Custom Training Singlets give a consistent look across your players and help grow the profile and recognition of your netball club. 

Because they are fully customized, Training Singlets are also a great merchandise product for the club to promote to sponsors. By offering “advertising space” on your Training Singlets (adding sponsor logos to the front and/or back), you are giving local businesses an opportunity to build profile and connection with your netball club community.

Using training uniforms to raise sponsorship is very common for many sports clubs, especially rugby, AFL and soccer. It is much less common in netball, and as a result many netball clubs are missing out on sponsorship funding that can ultimately help grow the club. 


Where to Start

If your netball club is ready to try Training Singlets to build sponsorship and merchandise income, we recommend a simple 5-step process:

  • Agree on a training singlet design: this is simple and fast, just request the design be created by your uniform supplier or ask KPI Sports for help.
  • Attract pre-orders from members: post on social media, add to your newsletter and your online uniform shop. Ask KPI Sports about how we can host an online shop if your club doesn’t have one.
  • Secure sponsorship funding: run the campaign to secure pledges (see our steps on how to run a campaign below).
  • Proceed with order: confirm the final singlet design and quantities with your supplier, and production will be underway.
  • Follow up with sponsors: show sponsors you genuinely appreciate their support. 


How to Run a Sponsorship Campaign

    1) Create a sponsorship target 

    • Set an achievable goal so the project is a success. Use our Fundraising Calculator to help work this out. 
    • Break your target down into different levels (e.g., Bronze/Silver/Gold depending on what "positions" the logo has on the singlet). A small logo on the back of the singlet is worth less than a large logo on the front.
    • Complete the Sponsorship Proposal Template or create your own. This is the document you can send to potential sponsors to explain the benefits for them. 

    2) Find contact details for at least 20 local businesses 

    • If you don't have an existing database of contacts, send a club email and social media posts to gather contact details. E.g., "Calling all business owners involved in the [Your Netball Club] region! Become a part of the [Your Netball Club] Business Community! Please send your contact details to [email address] to be part of our family and access promotional opportunities".

    3) Email the Sponsorship Proposal Template to these contacts 

    • Personalise each email, do not do a mass email. Add some explanatory text in the covering email.
    • For new contacts, thank them for joining your community.
    • For current or past sponsors, thank them for their past support. Present this new opportunity as one you want to give them early / priority access.

    4) Follow up with a phone call

    • Did they receive the email? Discuss the main benefits with them.
    • Directly ask if they would like to support the club. Mention how the club will be supporting sponsors this season.
    5) Send an email of thanks 
    • For those agreeing to sponsor, ask for the logo files they want to put on the singlet. Include the invoice for sponsorship and confirm the dates for their social media promotions.
    • For those who have declined, thank them for their time and ask permission to contact them next time there is a sponsorship opportunity. 
    6) Provide extra value
    • When entering a sponsorship deal with a local business, ensure the sponsor is acknowledged in all marketing and communication material.
    • Deliver! Give sponsors what they have paid for, and if possible, something extra.
    • For more tips on attracting and retaining sponsors, read our article here
    • Want more fundraising tips? Read our article "Fundraising Tips from An Expert"


    Fundraising Tools

    Sponsorship Proposal Template: use this template to create a marketing document and approach sponsors. Note: this is a guide only! Please edit to suit the needs of your club.

    Fundraising Calculator: use to determine what sponsorship funds you are targeting, and what price you will sell to members.


    About Custom Training Singlets

    Custom Training Singlets are created in a process called sublimation. That means the design, colour and patterns are uniquely yours. At KPI Sports, our Custom Training Singlets are made-to-order and designed to match the colour and patterns of your club uniforms. Custom Training Singlets come available with:

    • Lightweight Aeromax fabric
    • Racer or straight back designs
    • Optional side panels and pro-range fabrics
    • Moisture wicking and fast-dry technology
    • Ladies’, men’s and children’s sizing

    KPI Sports offers a wide range of netball apparel and equipment to help your teams reach their potential. Our team clothing is available in a variety of styles, colours and modern ladies fits along with custom design options. Contact our team today to start creating your netball club uniforms!