What Is Sublimation?

If you are looking for uniforms for your sports club or school, you might have heard of the word "sublimation" as an option for your uniforms.  Although its not a term people use in conversation, its a really significant part of uniform supply, especially for sports, schools and even corporate uniforms and workwear.  

 When you're sourcing uniforms for your sports team, club, school or work, understanding "sublimation" will make it easier to work out the best options for you.  

So what is sublimation? In this article we attempt to de-mystify "sublimation" and help you decide if it's a good option for you.

About Sublimation

What does it mean?

In the context of apparel (clothing) sublimated garments are ones which the design can be 100% customised.  In other words, you can choose any colours, designs, patterns, logos, text to be printed on the garment of your choice.  

It means that a club, team or school can make their uniform (tee shirt, jersey, dress, shorts etc) completely customised to their colours and style.  It also means that all parts of the uniform can work together.  Have a purple dragon that needs to go on all your uniforms?  Sublimation means it can be printed on any of your garments, and the size is adjusted to fit where it prints on the garment.  

How does sublimation work?

Technically speaking, sublimation is the name given to the chemical process where a solid avoids the liquid state entirely and becomes a gas. When creating sublimated garments, a design is printed onto special paper and then quickly heated, instantly evaporating the ink, blending with the fabric after drying. 

This "printing" is done through a sublimation machine, onto the separate pattern pieces of the garment.  Once the design is applied, the individual panels of printed fabric are sewn to create a completed garment.

Why choose sublimation?

The popularity of sublimation has increased dramatically over the last 10 years as more cost effective technology has been developed.  The improved technology means consumers (clubs and schools mainly) can create a unique team look at an affordable price.

Customers that use sublimation are able to fully customise their uniforms, from logos, patterns, design, numbers and names. The price of each garment is fixed so the only limit is your imagination. It also means design can be consistent across all club apparel, including off-field, travel and merchandise, to create an look that’s unique and professional.

Options for designs are endless. Literally any design you can imagine can be printed on a shirt.  Although not common, the ideas below show how imaginative you can get with sublimation!

Check out some of the wildest sublimated designs we’ve seen below!

 1. Perfect for the man-child in all of us.

2. For those who want to show some spine.

3. If you've ever wanted to feel like an action figure, now's your chance.


 4. Can you feel your head spin? Me too.

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