Can Custom Sports Uniforms Increase Playing Ability?

When it comes to sport, what is it that unites a team to perform their best? It's a question that researchers have sought to answer through decades of studies.

For anyone who has participated in sport, you know there's a special kind of feeling that comes from walking on the field, court or track with your team dressed in unity by your side.

While physical ability is widely recognised as an obvious advantage to winning, there's also clear evidence that psychology is a crucial ingredient. This begs the question – what role do custom sports uniforms have in increasing playing ability?

After examining the impacts in clubs over the years, it seems there's a number of factors that can be influenced. We took a closer look at the context of clothing in the sports realm and how these potential factors can affect athletes and their performance.  

Perception Is A Powerful Thing

Team spirit comes from the pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a team and it's crucial to uniting players together. A custom sports uniform helps players perceive these abstract values in a physical manifestation.

The combination of design, colour and fit does more than provide functional advantages. Whilst apparel may not seem like an obvious influence in improving performance, there's a definite perception effect that can be felt from wearing a uniform. When players dress for success, chances are they will believe in the outcome and react accordingly.

Naturally, custom sports uniforms differentiate a club from its opponent. This can help players to develop a unique sense of identity and increase engagement for fans on the sidelines. A smart fitting kit with a striking design can also show opponents that you are well-prepared and on-form. If you are a uniform coordinator tasked with finding the next netball dress design, check out our Design Tips 101 Guide.

In short, uniforms can make a team feel more united and improve their ability to work together.

Designed To Eliminte Distractions

Perhaps the most important role of a uniform is to help eliminate distractions.

Former Baseball player Ray Knight said, “Concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary”. A uniform should enhance your playing ability, not hinder it.

A well-designed uniform could mean the difference between an athlete that is constantly worried about outward appearances and one who can focus on the game. Furthermore, poor circulation combined with hot weather conditions can lead to dehydration and increased core body temperature, impacting a host of performance functions like heart rate, blood flow and concentration.

For that winning edge, athletes and coaches shouldn't settle for anything less than the best fabrics, made using moisture-wicking and breathability technology that provide unrestricted movement. For high-intensity sports such as netball, football, rugby and basketball this particularly rings true.

So, while uniforms may not be able to directly increase playing ability, they can certainly influence an athlete's comfort and confidence.


Where Is The Best Place To Order Custom Sports Uniforms?

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