The Ultimate Netball Drills Training Guide

The off-season is a great time for netball clubs to improve players' fitness and skills without interrupting competitions. Building and maintaining this athleticism is important for the stamina and vitality you need during a netball match.  

Netball has two major skill-types: coordination and acceleration. Tailoring your off-season training to develop these skills will help improve player performance and ultimately heighten team morale. At KPI Sports we recommend building a program which follows ‘The 5S’s Of Sport’.  

  • Skill  
  • Speed 
  • Suppleness 
  • Strength  
  • Stamina  

We have developed a Netball Drills Training Guide aiming to develop the two aforementioned netball skills. Include these netball drills in your off-season program to build skill progression amongst your players.  


1. Skill (Coordination)

Technical - Passing / Catching 

  • Pairs passing and catching drills for hand-eye coordination and concentration 
  • TIP: Ensure your have an adequate supply of Training Netballs for each player to have multiple practices. 

Tactical - Attacking & Defending 

  • 'Drive and catch' drills cover the basis for attacking movements
  • 'Shadow and intercept' training will promote defenders to work in union
  • TIP: Order a set of Training Bibs to practice in playing positions

2. Speed (Acceleration)

Straight - Sprinting 

  • Quick accelerations down the court 
  • TIP: Add Cones & Markers to trail new set-plays

Agility - 'Fake' Stepping / Pivoting 

3. Suppleness 

Flexibility - Injury Prevention 

  • Stretching post-training is essential for the prevention of serious injury

Mobility - Injury Management 

  • Dynamic ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joint mobility must be included in each warm-up 

4. Strength

Power - Weighted Strength 

  • Practice passing / catching with a weighted medicine ball to focus on the upper-body muscles

Endurance - Plyometric Resistance

  • Body weight 'jumping' exercises including walking lunges, standing squats and single-leg box drops
  • Don't neglect the core muscles! Netballers require good core stability when defending, going for a rebound or shooting a goal

5. Sustained Activity - Aerobic (Cardio) Fitness

  • Interval or circuit training improves cardiovascular fitness for netball games


Teaching players the importance of coordination and acceleration is essential for netball off-season. Integrating netball drills to support the development of these skills will ensure your players are progressing throughout their time at your club.  

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